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Monday, October 7, 2013

9 Weeks!

Since we found out we were expecting I started keeping some notes in an app on my phone.  Apparently that was a bad idea - at least with that particular app. My phone died so I had to get a new one and I thought since I had logged in to that app that it would have all my notes when I logged back in ... but that wasn't the case :( ... and then I called Grant and cried ... :( all of the little symptoms I had felt and when I felt them, etc was all gone! Nooooo! Luckily, some of the stuff I had emailed to people once we started announcing the news so I could search through my email to find a few things.  But, I was still really sad... maybe also due to the hormones ;)  So anyways - a lot of this is what I can remember or found in emails, etc.

But, today was our 9 week appointment!  It was just with a nurse and she went over a bunch of info so not that exciting - but still 9 weeks!

The nausea still continues and I remember a couple days at work specifically that I thought I was going to throw up for sure. One day I spent quite a bit of time on the bathroom floor at work ;) Gross, I know. Often when I would get home I was just exhausted. I would think of a list of things I was going to get done when I got home but then in reality I would get home and have to just lay on the couch. Many nights I was in bed by around 8pm early on in the pregnancy.

We started taking some belly pics to mark the 9 week point!

(+3lb) BP: 102/58

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Animals Seem to Enjoy my Sickness ;)

All of my lounging on the couch when I feel sick seems to be going over well with our animals ;) We're all getting some extra snuggle time in!  Junebug claimed my lap ...



Pretty fall colors in our yard

Out for a stroll for some fresh air with Leidy girl

I like the oaks over our driveway ;)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

BWCA at 7 Weeks Pregnant ;)

Grant, Evan, Natalie and Leidy gearing up for our BWCA weekend!

Group photo at the put-in!  Me (and baby Schnell), Grant, Leidy, Evan and Natalie

Paddling on a gorgeous day

The Parkhouses

Camp! We stayed at the same site the whole time which we haven't done before but was actually pretty nice - no setting up and taking down everyday :)

We love fall in the Boundary Waters :)

Leidy loves the BWCA too! Look how pretty!

Went for a little hike through the woods to an awesome sandy beach near our campsite.

Paddling around the next day

Hiking through the woods - apparently the boys saw some random little lake they wanted to go to...

Hmm ... do you really think we're going to find this lake??

I'm skeptical and branches are poking me in the face ;)

Gave up on the mystery lake and stopped for lunch and a swim

That water is COLD! Evan, Grant and Leidy

Back at camp

Enjoying the campfire. Leidy, Me, Natalie and Evan

What a pretty sunrise!

Awww :)  love it here!

Leidy girl enjoying her vacation - but she didn't really want to have to stop sniffing for the picture

Out to check out more of the lake

Lunch stop - things are never easy with these boys ;) Of course we have to 'climb' to our lunch spot :)

Leidy wants to help Natalie up!

A nice view for lunch!

Pretty sunset back at camp

Packed up and ready to paddle out in a wind storm! Whew that was a workout!

Bye BWCA - we'll be back soon!
Just a couple notes about the trip while pregnant... only Grant and I knew so we tried to be discreet about my paranoia of filtering water for EVERYTHING (sometimes we'd just boil it to wash dishes, etc but I felt the need to filter it all to be safe).  And I also felt skeptical about what to eat and didn't want to eat any meat, etc that hadn't been kept cold ;)  So, we probably were acting a little weird but I didn't want to get sick!  Overall it went really well.  I remember feeling tired and slightly nauseous a few times which resulted in some extra naps in the tent but that's about it!
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